Bhadrachalam Temple

Bhadrachalam Temple

Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple located on the shores of the Godavari river in Bhadrachalam. The magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Rama, the Seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Bhadrachalam temple history unfolds the greatness of Lord Rama’s life. Sita Rama Swamy Temple Bhadrachalam is constructed a few centuries ago by Kancherla Gopanna. Srirama Navami Celebrations at this famous Hindu temple gather massive pilgrims.

Bhadrachalam Temple History

Sita Rama Swamy Temple Bhadrachalam is the shrine of Lord Rama. Legend says that in Treta Yuga, Lord Rama along with wife Goddess Sita and brother Lakshmana lived in the Dhandaka forest for fourteen years exile. Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, has showered his grace and made many astonishments in those fourteen years at the forest.

Bhadrachalam is also known as Baddradri. The history of Bhadrachalam temple starts back in the 17th century. There lived a tribal woman named Pokala Dhammakka in Bhadrareddypalem. She discovered the sculpture of Lord Rama along with the idols Goddess Sita and Lord Laxman in an anthill. Alongside the Godavari River Dhammakka with the help of few villagers constructed a bamboo sticks hall for Lord Rama. She also worshipped deity Rama in the hall and also offered fruits.

Later during the ruling of Abdul Hasan Qutb Shah (1672-1682), Kancherla Gopanna built a massive temple for Lord Rama. Gopanna was working as the tehsildar in Bhadrachlam. He has used the tax amount for construction of the temple. The same thing noticed by the ruler the Abdul Hasan Qutb Shah, and he has imprisoned Gopanna for the repayment of the amount. It is said that Lord Rama and Lakshmana have appeared in the dream of Gopanna and repaid the entire amount.

Bhadrachalam Temple Architecture

Alongside the Godavari River, Lord Rama has showered his blessings on the devotees for many centuries. The beautiful temple of Lord Rama is on the hillock, and pilgrims have to climb for more than 50 steps to reach the main entrance. The speciality of the temple is a self-manifested idol (which means god himself established it). The sculptures of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita on his lap and Lord Lakshmana to the left can be seen in the main temple.

Every part of the main temple holds a different story which unveils the history of the temple. On a rock inside the temple, you can see the footsteps of Lord Rama. There are many sections in the temple which are the shrine of other idols. The flag-post, main tower, and few others are the main attractions after the idols. Beginning from the year the temple built, it has also seen many developments in the ages.

Sri Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple Pooja & Seva

Every temple has its custom of specified pooja & seva according to the deities in the temple. The temple authorities thus maintain the customized pooja & seva for the god and pilgrims can offer their prayers as per those specified lists. At Bhadrachalam temple, Pilgrims first visit the Godavari River nearby the temple and take a holy bath in it. It is said that a sacred bath in the most prominent rivers will wash away the sins made by them. After the holy dip, devotees then visit the temple and offer the prayers to the main deity Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana.

The list of pooja & seva in the Bhadrachalam temple are as follows,

Name of the Pooja Seva Amount
Darshanam 50, 100 & 250/-
Vadamala 75/-
Abhishekam at Badhra temple 100/-
Sahasranamarchana 100/-
Sakalbhishtaprada pooja 116/-
Archana 150/-
Chakkara pongali Bhogham 150/-
Aalaya Chuttu Seva 250/-
Suvarna Tulasi Astotharanamarchana 350/-
Saswatha Abhishekam 500/-
Suvarna Pushpa Astothara Namarchana 500/-
Abhishekam 500/-
Garudha Vahana Seva 516/-
Hamsa Vahana Seva 516/-
Rajadhiraja Vahana Seva 516/-
Nitya Kalyana Ubhayam 1000/-
Saswatha Sahasra Namarchana 1000/-
Silver Ratha Seva 1116/-
Saswatha uchita Prasada Vitarana 1116/-
Sudarshana Homam 1516/-
Saswatha Pattabhishekam 2500/-
Saswatha L:aksha Kumkumarchana 2500/-
Sita Rama Kalyanam (on sri rama navami) 5000/-
Saswatha Vahana Seva 5100/-
Srimadramayana Parayana 7500/-
Saswatha Alankara Ubhayam Rusum 7500/-
Saswatha Nithya Kalyanam 10000/-

The above mentioned are the pooja & Seva details that are performed at the Bhadrachalam temple. The special pooja & Seva will be held on special occasions. The change in the above pooja & seva may happen as per the temple requirements. The things required for doing the above pooja will be mostly available at the temple area. One needs to buy the ticket for the pooja and also the things required before attending the pooja.

Bhadrachalam Temple Timings

To mesmerize in the pleasantness of worshipping God Rama, every devotee visits Bhadrachalam. Every pooja & Seva has its particular timings. One must have to know the timings before preparing to do them. On special days and the festivals, the pooja & seva timings may differ from the usual day timings. Here are the temple timings by following which you can make your visit smooth.

Seva Name Timings
Temple opening 4:00 AM
Suphrabatha Seva 4:00 AM
Sarva Darshanam 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Temple closes 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Sarva Darshanam 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Ekantha Seva 9:00 PM
Temple closes 9:30 PM

Bhadrachalam Temple Location

Located in the Bhadradri Kothagudem District in Telangana, this Hindu temple is a fantastic site to visit for sure. Travelling through the pretty greenery makes you have the scenic view most of the time. There is a high frequency of buses to Bhadrachalam from different places. You can also travel through other vehicles.

By Bus,

Bhadrachalam Temple is

  • 41 kilometers from Bhadradri Kothagudem bus station
  • 88 kilometers from Warangal city
  • 114 kilometers from Khammam
  • 178 kilometers from Suryapet
  • 310 kilometers from Hyderabad

By Train,

  • Bhadrachalam Temple is 41 kilometers from Kothagudem Railway Station.

By Air,

  • Bhadrachalam Temple is 188 kilometers from Rajahmundry Airport.

Temple Address: Temple Road, Bhadrachalam, Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana 507111.

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