Keesaragutta Ramalingeswara Devasthanam

Keesaragutta Ramalingeswara Devasthanam

Keesaragutta Ramalingeswara Devasthanam is devoted to Lord Shiva. The main temple located on a small hillock in the Medchal-Malkajgiri district. It is considered to be one of the Famous Temples in Telangana of Lord Shiva. Thousands of devotees visit Keesaragutta Ramalingeswara Devasthanam at the time of Shivaratri. This beautiful valley filled with greenery embarks the greatness of Keesaragutta Temple History. As Lord Shiva himself asked to install the Linga in the temple, it is known as the Swayambhu Linga. Legends are that the installation of the Linga is to be related to stories of Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama.

Keesaragutta Ramalingeswara Devasthanam History

Keesaragutta was earlier known as Keesarigiri. As per the legends, to atone for the sins of killing Ravana, Lord Rama came to this beautiful valley.  Lord Rama wanted to install a Shiva linga here as Ravana was a Brahmin and devotee of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman was instructed by Lord Rama to bring shiva linga from Varanasi.

As time passes by, the auspicious hour was ending. Lord Hanuman was late, thus Lord Rama prays Lord Shiva for shiva linga. At that moment, Lord Shiva appears and installs a shiva linga at the place. As Lord Shiva installed the linga at the main temple, it is famously known as Swayambhu Linga. As the Shiva linga installed at this temple is due to Lord Rama, the temple is known as Ramalingeshwara temple.

Lord Hanuman reaches the place with 101 shiva linga to be chosen by Rama. As the linga was installed previously, Hanuman was very angry and threw 101 shiva linga on the hill. Even today, people witness a few linga scattered at the place. To calm the furious Hanuman, Lord Rama said that Hanuman would be worshipped first at this temple. Lord Rama also names the place as Kesarigiri, as Hanuman is the son of the Kesari. In the years, the place was called Kesaragutta from Kesarigiri. Keesaragutta Ramalingeshwara temple history is one of the famous Telangana Temples History.

Architecture of Keesaragutta Ramalingeswara Devasthanam

Keesaragutta Ramalingeswara temple is devoted to deity Lord Shiva with consorts Goddess Bhavani and Sivadurga. The most beautiful architecture of the ancient time reveals the Indian culture and its greatness. The valley of greenery surrounds this majestic temple in Hyderabad. Situated on a hillock, it attracts thousands of pilgrims every week. There is also a large idol of Lord Hanuman at the temple.

The environment around the temple on the hill is very divine. The Dravidian Architecture and History of the temple make it one of the Top 10 Famous Temples to Visit in Telangana. Shivaratri festival is celebrated grandly at this temple. The pristine white temple decorations during the celebrations are just mesmerizing to watch at night.

Keesaragutta Temple Pooja & Seva

Ramalingeswara Temple in Keesara has the charismatic aura. Devotees visit the temple to worship Lord Shiva and also do rituals. The pooja and seva for Lord Shiva and his consorts Goddess Bhavani and Sivadurga are performed here, along with Lord Hanuman. Following are a few pooja and seva performed at the temple,

S No Pooja Name Ticket Price
1 Kasha Khandana Rs. 10/-
2 Kumkuma Archana Rs. 21/-
3 Sri Swamivari Archana Rs. 21/-
4 Vahana Pooja (two-wheeler) Rs. 51/-
5 Special Archana Rs. 58/-
6 Navagraha Pooja Rs. 75/-
7 Sri Satyanarayana Vratham Rs. 75/-
8 Annaprasana Rs. 75/-
9 Kalabhairava Abhishekam Rs. 75/-
10 Vahana Pooja (Heavy vehicles) Rs. 101/-
11 Garbhalaya Abhishekam Rs. 551/-
12 Saswatha Rudra Homam Rs. 2500/-
13 Saswatha Kalyanam Rs. 2500/-

Shivaratri and Karthika Masam are considered very auspicious times. Those months will see huge devotees. The things required for the pooja will be available near to the temple. Priests in the temple will perform the pooja and seva once you take the ticket. Timings of pooja and the ticket price may differ on the special days & festivals. Please contact the temple in charge for further details.

Keesaragutta Ramalingeswara Devasthanam Timings

Lord Shiva also is known as Mahadeva. One of the principal deities of Hinduism and among Trimurti. Keesaragutta Ramalingeswara temple is a famous Shiva temple in Hyderabad. To visit this beautiful hillock temple, please refer to the following timings. Keesaragutta temple timings,

Seva                                                   Timings

Temple opens                                   6:00 AM

Suprabhatam                                    6:00 AM to 6:30 AM

Abhishekam                                     6:30 AM to 7:30 AM

Hararti                                                7:30 AM to 8:00 AM

Darshan                                            8:00 AM to 12:45 PM

Temple closes                                  1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Temple opens                                  3:00 PM

Darshan                                            3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Harati                                                 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Temple closes for the day              7:30 PM

The timings mentioned above might differ on the special days and festivals. Please contact the temple in charge to know further information regarding the same.

Keesaragutta Ramalingeswara Devasthanam Location

Keesaragutta Ramalingeswara Temple located on the hillock in the Rangareddy district. The history of the Keesaragutta temple makes it one of the famous Telangana Temples History. As the temple located in Hyderabad, you can quickly go to the temple once you reach Hyderabad. The frequency of buses is excellent from the Secunderabad bus station. You can also hire cabs or auto services to reach the temple. Below are a few distances that can be easy for finding Keesaragutta temple directions.

By Bus,

  • Keesaragutta Temple is 19 kilometers from ECIL.
  • 29 kilometers from Secunderabad Bus Station (JBS).
  • 35 kilometers from Hyderabad Bus Station (MGBS).
  • 55 kilometers from Pregnapur.

By Train,

  • Keesaragutta Temple is 30 kilometers from Secunderabad Railway Station.

By Air,

  • Keesaragutta Temple is 66 kilometers from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.
  • Temple Address: Keesaragutta, Hyderabad, Telangana-501301.

Nearby Tourist Places

The serene environment near Keesaragutta attracts many visitors. You can also visit a few more places near Keesaragutta, which are pleasant.

Mallikarjuna Temple located 6.5 kilometers away from the Keesaragutta temple.

The Manjeera Reservoir & Dam located just 5 minutes far from Keesaragutta temple.

There are a few more places which are in the radius of 30 minutes to 1 hour far in the Hyderabad city. After visiting Keesaragutta, you can also visit those fantastic places.

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