11 Most Famous Temples In Telangana With Details

Temple is the holy place devoted to worship the god or goddess. It certainly feels pleasant to our soul when we visit a temple. The pleasant atmosphere at the temples is enough to say that the presence of God is inevitable.

Telangana Famous Temples have great history among temples in India. Alongside the heritage, monuments, and historical values, the newly formed state Telangana also shares great temple history.

Telangana Temples History can make you believe that miracles do take place in the human world. The authenticity of the sacred things at the temples makes you have hope in everything.

So, if you are here to know about the most famous temples in Telangana, then you are in the right place. We present to you the history, architectural facts, rituals, and a lot more information on the Top 10 Famous Temples to Visit in Telangana.

Hop on to the article and have a holy journey till the end…!

1) Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

It is one of the most famous temples in Telangana having a vast number of tourists at present. Located in the Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district of Telangana state in India.

The year 2019 draws more people here due to its hillock architectural renovation. This Famous Hindu temple in Yadadri dedicated to the Lord Vishnu’s incarnation Narashima Swamy. Know the Yadagirigutta temple timing and visit the god Narashima for spiritual enlightenment.

  • Deity: Lord Narashima
  • Location: Yadagirigutta, Yadadri Bhuvanagiri District, Telangana State
  • Nearest city: 64 kilometers from Hyderabad
  • The best months to visit: All the months
  • Famous for  Curing chronic diseases and mental illness
  • Special occasions: Bramhostavam, Dhanurmasam, and Annakutothsavam
  • Temple timings: 4: 00 AM to 9:45 PM

2) Sri Raja Rajeshwara Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this Famous Shiva Temple in India located in the Vemulawada town. Built by the king Rajaraja Chola, Vemulawada temple history goes back a long time.

Pilgrims are drawn in large numbers to offer prayers to Lord Shiva. Koda mokku is one of the famous customs devotees perform here. People adore Lord Shiva here with the name Rajanna.

  • Deity: Lord Shiva
  • Location: Vemulawada, Rajanna Siricilla District, Telangana State
  • Nearest city: 35 Kilometers from Karimnagar
  • The best months to visit: All the months
  • Famous for: Fulfilling wishes of devotees
  • Special occasions: Mahasivaratri Jatara and Sreerama Navarathrotsavams
  • Temple timings: 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM

3) Sita Ramachandraswamy Temple

Located on the shores of the Godavari river, the temple is dedicated to Lord Rama the Seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Bhadrachalam temple history unfolds the greatness of Lord Rama.

Sita Ramachandraswamy Temple is constructed a few centuries ago by Kancherla Gopanna. Srirama Navami Celebrations at this famous Hindu temple gather massive devotees.

  • Deity: Lord Rama
  • Location: Bhadrachalam, Telangana State
  • Nearest transportation place: 41 kilometers from Bhadradri Kothagudem bus station.
  • The best month to visit Bhadrachalam: September to April months
  • Special occasions: Srirama Navami Brahmotsavam, Vasantha Paksha Prayukta, Vijayadashami, and Vaikuntha Ekadashi
  • Temple timings: 4:00 AM to 9:30 PM
  • Nearby river: Godavari River

4) Sri Gnana Saraswathi Devasthanam

Abode to goddess Saraswathi, this ancient Hindu temple located on the banks of Godavari River in Nirmal district of Telangana. Saraswathi is considered the Goddess of Knowledge.

The famous ritual “Akshara abhyasam” reckoned to be the first formal step to begin the education of children. Devotees here offer stationery related to the studies for the blessings of Goddess Saraswathi.

  • Deity: Goddess Saraswathi
  • Location: Basara Mandal, Nirmal District, Telangana State
  • Nearest city: 34 kilometers from Nizamabad
  • The best months to visit: September to February
  • Famous for: Akshara pooja
  • Special occasions: Mahashivarathri, Vasantha Panchami, and Dussehra Navratri
  • Temple timings: 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Nearby river: Godavari River

5) Kaleshwara Muktheshwara Swamy Temple

It is the holy place of deity Maha Shiva. Discovered in the southern part of Telangana state in Kaleshwaram village this Hindu temple is having a great history. Kaleshwara Muktheshwara Swamy Temple is one of the famous and ancient temples in Telangana State.

Temple is founded and established by Rajaiah and Satyavati Devi Daram. Many pilgrims visit Kaleshwaram every year to worship two Lingas on a single pedestal.

  • Deity: Lord Shiva
  • Location: Kaleshwaram Village, Mahadevpur Mandal, Bhoopalpally district.
  • Nearest railway station: 71 kilometers from Ramagundam railway station
  • The best months to visit: All the months
  • Famous for: Two lingas on a single pedestal, Triveni Sangamam
  • Special occasions: Shivaratri
  • Temple timings: 4:30 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Nearby river: The Godavari, Saraswathi, and Pranahitha

6) Chilkoor Balaji Temple

One of the oldest Hindu temples in Hyderabad it is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara. It is famously known as Visa Balaji Temple. Built by the uncles of Bhakta ramadas, Madanna and Akkanna.

The Chilkoor Balaji Temple History unveils the miracles of the Lord Venkateshwara. Located on the banks of Osman River in Hyderabad, it has quite a few different rituals from other temples.

  • Deity: Lord Venkateshwara
  • Location: Chilkoor, Ranga Reddy District
  • Nearest city: 30 kilometers from Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station
  • The best month to visit: All the months
  • Famous for: Believed for granting visa applications wish
  • Temple timings: 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Nearby lake: Osman Sagar

7) Bhadrakali Temple

Located in Warangal, it is a shrine to the goddess Bhadrakali. As per the history of Bhadrakali temple, it is believed to be built by the King Pulakeshin II for his victory.

The following years the temple has seen many changes, from being destroyed by the Alauddin Khilji and renovated by Sri Ganapathi Sastri. Even the historical famous diamond of Indian culture Koh-I-Noor is related to the Bhadrakali Temple history. It is one of the famous temples in Warangal district.

  • Deity: Goddess Kali
  • Location: Tadkamalla Village, Warangal, Telangana
  • Nearest city: Warangal
  • The best month to visit: August to October
  • Famous for: Historical value
  • Special occasions: Apara Ekadashi
  • Temple timings: 5:00 AM to 8:30 PM
  • Nearby lake: Bhadrakali Lake

8) Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple

One of the famous Lord Hanuman temples in Telangana is Kondagattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple. Located in Muthyumpeta village of Mallial Mandal, Jagitial district, it is believed to be older than 300 years.

Deity Anjaneya Swamy here is regarded as “Sanjeeva,” as the cure for mentally disabled and unhealthy people. Pilgrims from many of the places visit here to fulfill their vows by following rituals.

  • Deity: Lord Hanuma
  • Location: Kondagattu
  • Nearest city: 13.6 kilometers from Jagtial
  • The best months to visit: August, November, and April
  • Famous for: Curing mentally disabled people
  • Special occasions: Hanuman Jayanti
  • Temple timings: 5: 00 AM to 8:00 PM

9) Keesara Gutta Ramalingeswara Devasthanam

Located on a small hillock in Medchal-Malkajgiri district, it is a shrine to Lord Shiva. Considered to be one of the Famous Temples in Telangana of Lord Shiva. Huge devotees visit Keesara Gutta Ramalingeswara Devasthanam at the time of Shivaratri.

This beautiful valley filled with greenery embarks the great Keesaragutta Temple History. As Lord Shiva himself asked to install the Linga in the temple, it is known as the Swayambhu Linga. Legends are the installation of the Linga is to be related with stories of Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama.

  • Deity: Lord Shiva
  • Location: Keesara Gutta, Hyderabad, Telangana state
  • Nearest city: 28.2 kilometers from Medchal & 40 kilometers from Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station
  • The best months to visit: September, October, and February
  • Famous for: Legends of linga installation
  • Special occasions: Shivaratri
  • Temple timings: 6:00 AM to 7:30 PM

10) Mallanna Swamy Temple

Popularly known as Komuravelli Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. One of the famous Telangana temples it is located on the hill in Komuravelli village of Siddipet district.

Komuravelli Mallanna history portrays the marriage of Lord Mallanna to Goddess Medallamma is also known as Bramarambika. Mallanna Oggu Katha is the famous song of Mallanna story sung during the rituals in the temple.

  • Deity: Lord Shiva
  • Location: Komuravelli, Siddipet district, Telangana state
  • Nearest city: 24 kilometers from Siddipet bus station
  • The best month to visit: September to April
  • Famous for: Dravidian architecture
  • Special occasions: Shivaratri, Brahmotsavam and Karthika Masam
  • Temple timings: 4:30 AM to 7:00 PM

11) Medaram Jatara

It is also famously known as Sammakka Saralamma Jatara. One of the most famous gatherings to celebrate the god and goddess in the Telangana is Medaram Jatara. Jaggery plays an essential role in the Jatara as it offered to God and Goddess.

Devotees all across the country gather to witness the celebrations. It all began when Sammakka and Saralamma, the mother and daughter duo have raised their voice and took action to oppose the injustice. Many tribal people express the legends of these two mighty women.

  • Deity: Hindu goddesses
  • Location: Begins at Medaram in Tadvai Mandal, Mulugu district
  • Nearby district: 44 kilometers from Mulugu
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Famous for: Taking a holy bath and offering jaggery.
  • Nearby water place: Jampanna Vagu

The Telangana Historical Temples give the images of high values, and the stories behind them unveil the power of hope. If you are planning to visit Popular Hindu temples of Telangana, do look at our Telangana Temples Timings for excellent planning. Visit the holy places of Telangana God and Goddess and revive the pleasantness of the soul.

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